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A Multidisciplinary Approach to Serving the Gifted Population

We heard you loud and clear! GRO heard parents’ cries of frustration, “Where do we go for help? The professionals don’t understand our child and we don’t know where to turn.” As part of its outreach mission, GRO is working to address this problem. Partnering with California State University Los Angeles (CSULA), and with contributions from Great Potential Press, GRO is beyond excited to offer the first full-day Continuing Education conference on giftedness in California!

Gifted children (and adults) are emerging as one of the highest at-risk populations for misdiagnosis, mis-medication and ineffective interventions in education, medicine and mental health. It is only through an interdisciplinary understanding of the unique characteristics and needs of this population that positive outcomes can be achieved.

Join nationally recognized experts in the field of giftedness for a groundbreaking conference at Cal State LA Downtown. The conference is designed specifically to help professionals develop this interdisciplinary mind-set, as well as successful interventions and strategies.
As a Participant You Will Learn:
  • Diagnostic and treatment issues in gifted clients
  • Gifted Identification and assessment concerns in underserved populations
  • Effective treatment planning for gifted clients

The conference includes lunch, 6 CE units (for professionals licensed under BBS), lunch AND the latest version of the book “Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnosis of Gifted Children and Adults.”


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