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Our Contribution to the Research

On this page you will find original articles written by GRO as well as the reference lists of the research cited in these articles.

This library is an important part of GRO’s outreach mission and reflects the organization’s core value to actively share what it learns and discovers.  To that end, GRO is committed to ensuring that the articles it produces will be available to the public at no cost.  In addition, GRO hopes its reference lists will assist other researchers.  GRO’s initial literature reviews alone, identified thousands of articles that contained information which will be useful for future research studies on gifted physiology.

Collaborative, open and committed to promoting a comprehensive and accurate understanding of giftedness through research and outreach…

GROs library will expand as it continues to publish its articles on gifted physiology. Please check back or CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE to updates.
“Much of the study of, and formalized interventions for, gifted individuals is confined to education. While classroom support is important and can be beneficial, it may not be sufficient. GRO is taking initiative to provide a much needed bridge to help gifted individuals connect with the kind of medical, psychological, and socio-emotional support that they may need. While it has become acceptable to ask for help with difficulties associated with psycho-physiological differences like autism, ADHD, and depression, there is still much stigma around the idea that phenomena associated with intelligence can be an etiological factor in difficulties related to physical, mental, and socio-emotional health. Qualified professionals are needed across fields to provide differential diagnoses so that gifted individuals can receive care that is appropriately targeted to their needs.”
Aubra Shepard, LMHC, PhD Student in Gifted and Creative Education

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”
~ Galileo Galilei