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Why Give

Frustrated over hearing parents ask time and again, “Do you know a pediatrician, occupational therapist, psychologist, school (insert name of service provider here) who understands how to work with my gifted child?” Gifted Research and Outreach was formed to make sure the future answer to this question is: EVERYONE!

EVERY school and professional COULD be able to serve gifted children, but right now they do not because of the narrow understanding of giftedness. We must expand the understanding of giftedness beyond the classroom so that it is recognized and dealt with as the whole person experience it is. GRO believes that the way to do this permanently is to provide scientific evidence to combat the myths and misunderstandings that surround giftedness, and strategically share this information with those who work with them.

Throughout history we have learned that change in the medical, psychological and educational professions begins with the recognition of scientific facts. GRO is committed to supporting and conducting research on the physiological and psychological differences of gifted individuals that include biological evidence of the overexcitabilites and additional behaviors and traits associated with giftedness.

Your Donation Counts

As a public non-profit, GRO depends entirely on donations to complete its mission. We are in the infancy of building a world-class research center dedicated to understanding and educating the world about giftedness. In supporting GRO, you make a difference, not just for your own children, but for your grandchildren and future generations.

Where Your Money Goes

GRO is aggressively pursuing its goals. In its first eighteen months, GRO raised over $54,000 in donations and an additional $25,000 in pledges.  It is completing the first phase of its research and has participated in outreach about giftedness at over 30 events nation-wide.

In the the first phase of research, GRO is reviewing existing peer-reviewed studies on the physiological differences in the gifted brain. Our review is revealing that many studies provide a potential physiological rationale for the intensities commonly experienced by gifted individuals including intellectual, emotional, motor and sensory processing. These differences also help explain gifted traits and behaviors that parents report their child experiencing, but professionals often dismiss or misdiagnose. While GRO believes that this is just the beginning of understanding how the physiology of gifted individuals differs from the norm, as it progresses in its mission, we will not only have a better understanding of the physiology of this group of outliers, we will contribute to the better understanding, diagnosis, and the development of better medication and treatment protocols for ALL individuals.

The money you donate now, will be used for both further research as well as outreach.

Making a Difference

It takes a very special person to donate their personal funds and professional hours to a new and unproven entity. Though the members of the GRO Board feel passionately about the corporate mission, we recognize that the beginning of any endeavor comes with risks and challenges. Each of the people listed below have, in a meaningful manner, not just placed their trust in the board but have donated vital seed money and/or services, without which GRO would not be able to proceed in its mission. For your donations and trust, and on behalf of the generations to come that you are helping, we the Board of GRO, sincerely thank you.

Nysha Arden  |  William Declercq  |  Joyce and Jessica Goldberg
Dr. Mirzabeigi  |  Jen Montgomery  |  Gaye Palmer  |  Marti Tancula

I am thrilled to be able to support GRO in their mission. Scientific research is sorely needed in order to understand how to best serve this often neglected and frequently misunderstood population. I am confident that both GRO’s research and outreach efforts will have a positive impact on the gifted community as they seek to understand and inform. Thank you GRO!

Dr. James Webb, Ph.D , Founder of SENG and former Professor, Wright State University School of Professional Psychology

GRO would like to thank the following donors without whose support it would not be able to carry out its mission


Joyce and Jessica Goldberg


($25,000 – $100,000)


Dr. Mirzabeigi | Marti Tancula | Julie Cortez & Alex Zakharenkov | ThirdLaw Hosting


($5,000 – $24,999)


Avian Resources | Michelle Barmazel | Sharon Duncan | Dr. Joanna Haase | Marc and Peggy Montgomery | Gaye Palmer | Ron and Margret Turiello Jr. | Irene Wu | Anonymous Donor 1 | Anonymous Donor 2


($1,000 – $4,999)


William DeClercq | Steve Duncan | Rebecca O’Malley | Steve Simpson | Edina Yee


($500 – $999)


Lauren Albrecht | Steve and Teresa Alfery | Claire Armstrong | Susan Armstrong | Nancy Davis | DeClercq law Group | John and Cathy DeClercq | Cathy Gilbertson | Tara Gomez | Lori Grant Lee | Yvonne Hajdu-Cronin | Carolyn Hampton | Jenni Jones | Dena Kaplan | Ray and Lynda Lockhart | Lynda Noell | Kasi Peters | Vanessa Scali | Carol Stanley | Paula Wilkes | Debra Wong


($100 – $499)


The Axline Ball Family | Mary Duncan | Nick Duncan | Dot Rambin | Brianna Safe | Luis Garcia and Kaja Telp


($25 – $99)

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